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Useful Web Sites for Corn Production

Useful Web Sites for Corn Production

OSU Corn Production Related Sites

OSU Department of Horticulture and Crop Science 
Ohio Corn Performance Test Results
Specialty Corn Production and Marketing Web Site Includes information on high oil corn, white corn and other specialty type corns
Ohio IPM Program
The C. Wayne Ellet Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic Information on submitting plant samples for disease and pest identification
Ohio Field Crop Diseases OSU Department of Plant Pathology
OSU Seed Biology
Agronomic Crops Insects
OSU Pesticide Education Program

Other University Web Sites

Corn Growers Guidebook Purdue University
Chat n Chew Cafe Comprehensive corn web site from Purdue University
Nutritional Analysis of New Mexico Blue Corn and Dent Corn Kernels New Mexico State University (pdf)
Ag Answers A joint venture between Ohio State and Purdue University
How a Corn Plant Develops Iowa State University
University Crop Testing Alliance makes recommendations for university crop variety testing programs.
Penn State Grain Crops
University of Wisconsin Corn Agronomy

Grower Organizations

Ohio Corn Marketing
National Corn Growers

Trade Magazine Sites

Farm Industry News
Ohio's Country Journal
Ohio Farmer
Successful Farming
The Corn and Soybean Digest
Progressive Farmer

Other Useful Sites

Ohio Agricultural Statistics Service Crop Progress Reports
Market Prices
Ag Stats Historical crop production and export information