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Genetically Modified Organisms

Need grain tested for GMO's? The following is a list of some public and private labs that currently provide testing for the presence of GMO's in grain crops. Some of these labs can evaluate crops for a wider range of GMO's than others.

Genescan USA, Inc. Biogenetic Services Inc. California Seed & Plant Lab, Inc.
Genetic ID Mid-West Seed Services Ohio Seed Improvement Association
AGDIA Biodiagnostics Inc. Indiana Crop Improvement

GMO's have seen a lot of press in the recent past as well as in the present. The following is a sampling of some sites that explore this issue a little further. Our goal is to give you resources covering both sides of the issue and to expose you to the differing sides, opinions and perhaps misconceptions regarding biologically engineered foods and food products.

GMO FAQ - Ohio State

Biotechnology Industry Organization

Union of Concerned Scientists

Information Systems for Biotechnology

GMO Answers

Ag BioWorld

FDA BioTech

Impacts of Adopting Genetically Engineered Crops in the United States - Economic Research Service, USDA

Ag BioSafety - University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Scientific, regulatory and educational materials relevant to crop biotechnology and the current debate on the genetic modification of food.

National Corn Growers Association Biotechnology Page

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