2021 Corn and Soybean Program (Online)

2021 Corn and Soybean Program, Virtual, February 11, 2021

CORN 9:00-noon

9:00-9:40             Peter Thomison                Corn Management for 2021

9:50-10:30          Steve Culman                    Meeting Nutrient Needs for Corn

10:40-11:20        Pierce Paul                         Corn Disease Management

11:20-noon         Andy Michel                      Corn Insect Management


SOYBEAN 1:00-4:00

1:00-1:40             Laura Lindsey                    Soybean Management for 2021

1:50-2:30             Mark Loux                          Weed Management for Soybean

2:40-3:20             Anne Dorrance                 Soybean Disease Management

3:20-4:00             Kelley Tilmon                    Soybean Insect Management

This event is free to attend but registration is required to get the webinar link.