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Fields of Knowledge

Topics will include H2Ohio Economics, Summer Scouting for Corn & Soybeans, Managing Vomitoxin, Opportunities with Fulton SWCD, High Yield Nutrient Management & Foliar Feeding, and Cover Crop Considerations. The Fulton County Fields of Knowledge will be held at the Fulton County Fairgrounds in Fulton Hall. This program has a variety of speakers to give you the latest mid-summer agronomic updates! This event is free of charge, but pre-registration is required!

Topics and Speakers for the Day Include:

H2Ohio Economics
       Boden Fisher, Region 1 Watershed Manager with ODA, will speak to the economic return to the grower enrolled in H2Ohio. 
Summer Scouting for Corn & Soybeans
        Take a virtual walk through the fields with Kendall Lovejoy, identifying key insects and diseases to be looking for as the growing season continues. 
Managing Vomitoxin
        What is vom/DON, where does it come from, and how do we manage it as a producer and as a seller. Jason Hartschuh and local grain buyers weigh in on this pressing issue.
Grants, BMPs, and Opportunities with SWCD
        The Fulton SWCD provides an update on the vital work they are doing in Fulton Co. and share how you can get involved.
High Yield Nutrient Management & Foliar Feeding
        Stephanie Karhoff breaks down late season N applications in corn, and foliar feeding considerations in both corn and soybeans.  
Cover Crop Considerations
        Closing out our day will be Sarah Noggle speaking to the impact of cover crops in our systems and how to implement them as wheat comes off later this month.