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Lake Friendly Farming Research-Agronomy Day

Highlighting research on water quality, management of nitrogen and phosphorus, application of fertilizer and manure, and soil health being conducted in the Western Lake Erie Basin.

"Effect of Conservation Practices on Ag Phosphorus Loss in Tile Drained Landscapes " - Kevin King, USDA.ARS Soil Drainage Researcher

"Demonstration of Precision Fertilizer Placement Equipment" - John Fulton, OSU Extension

"eFields Research Reports to Improve Nutrient Management" - Elizabeth Hawkins, OSU Extension

"Ultra Early Corn: Does It Have a Fit in Ohio" - Peter Thomison, OSU Extension

"Nutrient Balancing with Manure" - Glen Arnold, OSU Extension

"Soil Health Measurements: Tracking No-Till and Cover Crop Benefits to Water Quality" - Ron Snyder, Wood SWCD Supervisor & Alan Sundermeier, OSU Extension