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Using Nutrient Management Plan Development Software

Feb 25, 2016, 9:30am - 3:30pm
Thursday, February 18, 2016
Wood County OSU Extension, 639 S. Dunbridge Rd., Bowling Green
Greg LaBarge

Registration for this class on closed 2/17. Please check back for future offerings.

What the Day is about?

Program will demonstrate MapWindow GIS & MMP Tools, MMP software and Ohio Nutrient Management Templates as approved tools for development of Fertilizer Only or Precision Fertilizer Only Nutrient Management Plans for NRCS programs such as EQUIP.

The training will use a sample farm to demonstrate the utilization of these two programs to generate a plan that can be presented to NRCS for approval.

MapWindow GIS is an open source GIS product that is used to develop nutrient management plans by defining fields and farms then downloading spatial data such as soil types which provide base information needed for MMP is Nutrient Plan development. Data generated is exported to MMP through the MMP tools which have been added. The version used for the workshop is dated 11/23/2011 and is available through

MMP Version 0.35 is the current version of the program from Purdue and is linked for download through .

The current templates for Ohio plans that work with MMP have been developed by NRCS State Agronomist Eric Schwab can be found at The templates will be provided on the workshop disk given out during the workshop.

Please plan to bring a laptop along with you with the programs installed. A session is offered at the start of the day before the program begins if you need assistance with this.


9:00 Help provided installing MapWindow GIS and MMP.

9:30 Using Map Window GIS and MMP Tools

  • The farm visit checklist Getting Started with MMP
  • Missouri Clipper defining, downloading and importing
  • Field Boundaries through MapWindow and Importing shape files
  • Adding water features
  • Identifying other resource concerns
  • Exporting to MMP

11:30 Introduction to MMP

12:00 Lunch (Own your own)

12:50 Starting with MMP

  • Fields Tab
  • Assessment Tab
  • Soil Test Tab
  • Crops Tab with RUSLE2
  • Nutrient Management Tab

3:00 Demonstration of Ohio NRCS Templates for Nutrient Management Plans

3:30 Adjourn

If you have any question about the day contact Greg LaBarge, Field Specialist, Agronomic Systems, Ohio State University Extension at 419-460-0600 or e-mail to