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Webinar Recordings

The Dirt on Soil Health: Investing Below the Surface

In this weekly series, farmers, industry, and academic experts will weigh in on practical steps to improve soil health and measure impact on crop yield and farm profitability. Click here to access recordings. Topics include:

  • Does Soil Health Pay? Farmer Panel, Nathan Brown, Matt Falb, and Les Seiler
  • What Can Soil Health Tests Tell You? Steve Culman
  • Can Improving Soil Health Improve Yield? Jordon Wade
  • Cover Crop Management, Hans Kok
  • Compaction Solutions, Scott Shearer
  • Using Research and Data to Improve Soil Health, Elizabeth Hawkins and Steve Culman
  • What's the Return on Investing in Soil Health?, Rick Clark
  • Programs and Funding to Support Soil Health


Crop Diversity to Improve Your Bottom Line

This series looks at practices and considerations to successfully incorporate alternative grain crops into your rotation to diversify your operation. Click here to access recordings.Topics include:

  • Specialty Small Grains, Winter Malting Barley (Greg McGlinch), White Wheat (Dennis Pennington), Wet Wrapped Oats (Al Gahler), Triticale (Jason Hartschuh)
  • Seed Production, Corn and Soybean Seed Production (Fred Pond), Cover Crop Seed Production
  • Non-GMO Crop Production, Best Practices for High Yielding Non-GMO Soybean Production (Laura Lindsey), Weed Control (Mark Loux), Insect Management: The Forgotten Corn Pests (Chris DiFonzo)


Farming in Weather Extremes

This series presents practices and technology farmers can utilize to adapt to challenging growing seasons with increasing extreme weather events. Click here to access recordings. Topics include:

  • Disease Management Options for Today's Weather, Pierce Paul and Aaron Wilson
  •  Managing Water in Today's Wet and Dry Growing Seasons, Aaron Wilson, Eileen Kladivko, Larry Brown, Lyndon Kelley
  • 2021 Growing Season Weather Outlook and Changing Climate Patterns, Aaron Wilson