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Xyway & Pivot Bio

Xyway™ Capture LFR® (FMC) is a soil applied corn fungicide applied at planting by 2x2 and taken up by the plant systemically for season-long protection. In 2022, we evaluated yield response to at at-plant soil application of Xyway in 9 locations in 7 different counties. Results from all sites combined showed a statistically significant decrease in Northern corn leaf blight, but no treatment effect on either Gray leaf spot or Tar spot disease severity. The treatment did signifcantly increase yield (P<0.05, least squares means), but the untreated control had a $2/ac higher return (cost assumption of $6/bu corn and $20/ac product). We are currently testing Xyway with and without a foliar fungicide application at V5 or VT/R1 at Northwest Agricultural Research Station. Questions? Contact Field Specialist Stephanie Karhoff at

ProveN ProveN® 40 (Pivot Bio) is a biologically-based product containing N-fixing bacteria claiming users reduce their supplemental fertilizer nitrogen. This product was compared in combination with Xyway and Vitalize Silver and separately in an on-farm eFields trial in Fayette County in 2022. Despite having a 3 bu/ac spread between some treatments, due to high variability in the field as a result of uncontrollable factors, no statistical difference was seen between treatments. 

For inquiries about this project, contact Amanda Douridas (