C.O.R.N. Newsletter: 10-2021

Crop Observation and Recommendation Network

C.O.R.N. Newsletter is a summary of crop observations, related information, and appropriate recommendations for Ohio crop producers and industry. C.O.R.N. Newsletter is produced by the Ohio State University Extension Agronomy Team, state specialists at The Ohio State University and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC). C.O.R.N. Newsletter questions are directed to Extension and OARDC state specialists and associates at Ohio State.

  1. Author(s): Mark Loux

    Current forecast is for fairly warm temperatures through late evening Tuesday evening, followed by a substantial drop in temperatures and chance of snow, followed by cold/cool temperatures through the weekend.  Primary question concerning this scenario seems to be whether it is okay to apply wheat or burndown herbicides prior to this cold snap.  Some things we know about herbicides and cold weather:

  2. Author(s): Kelley Tilmon, Aaron Wilson, Greg LaBarge, CPAg/CCA, Mark Sulc, Andy Michel

    Though the current cold snap has caught our attention, we are actually ahead on heat units compared to this time last year, and we’ve accumulated enough degree days to see potential outbreaks of alfalfa weevil in some locations.  Weevils have already been spotted in northwest Ohio.  Overwintered adults begin laying eggs when temperatures exceed 48°F.  Peak larval activity and feeding damage occur between 325 and 575 heat units (based on accumulation of heat units from January 1 with a base of 48°F).  Current (Jan. 1 – Apr.

  3. Author(s): Andy Michel, Kelley Tilmon, Curtis Young, CCA, Clifton Martin, CCA, Lee Beers, CCA, Beth Scheckelhoff, Eric Richer, CCA, Mark Badertscher, Cindy Wallace

    We have begun collecting two important pest in our expanded trapping this year—true armyworm and black cutworm. True armyworms feed on wheat before moving on young (typically late-planted) corn. Black cutworm can feed on young corn and even completely cut plants.

  4. Author(s): Harold Watters, CPAg/CCA

    An update for nutrient recommendations for Ohio's major field crops (corn, soybean, wheat, and alfalfa) was published in November 2020 as the Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations for Corn, Soybean, Wheat, and Alfalfa. The call came in shortly after suggesting that we grow several other crops in Ohio that were not included in this update.

  5. Author(s): Mark Sulc

    The weather forecast this week is indeed concerning for forage stands in general and especially for alfalfa and red clover. The low night temperatures in the forecast may potentially cause severe frost injury to both annual forage crops (e.g. winter rye and winter triticale) and perennials forages.

  6. Author(s): Laura Lindsey

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