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The first report that I have heard about blue mold in tobacco this year and it is just on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River.  It was first reported in Lewis County on Friday (Aug. 15) but was not confirmed on Friday.  On Monday morning (August 18) the Mason Co. Extension Agent also found what he believed to be blue mold in a patch.  This was found in a patch that has been topped and sprayed for nearly a week.  However, from talking to Dr. Bob Pearce, University of Kentucky Tobacco Specialist, the belief is that the lesions are probably nearly two weeks old, so it has been there a while and it is now confirmed.

The weather patterns have been swirling with low fronts.  Most likely this is not just a Mason and Lewis County KY issue.  More than likely we can expect that spores have spread throughout Southern Ohio Counties, too.  The weather conditions on Monday (August 18) are ideal for blue mold to thrive.  Tobacco that has been topped and sprayed with a MH product for sucker control for at least 10 days will probably see very little damage.  However, tobacco that has not been topped, or topped in the past few days could have damage.  It is recommended that these later crops be sprayed to prevent or reduce the issues with blue mold.  If Quadris has been applied recently for the prevention of Target Spot, you have provided the crop with some protection.  Depending on the amount of time since the Quadris application and the current stage of the crop, another application may need to be made.  Keep in mind, another product should be used between any two applications of Quadris according to the label.

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