Corn Newsletter : 2014-33

  1. Author(s): Andy Michel

    With the cooler night temperatures, shorter day lengths and maturing crops, there is not much left for brown marmorated stink bugs to do except get ready for winter.  The “marmies” prefer to spend the winter in homes or buildings, where they tend to be insulated from the cold temperatures.  They overwinter as adults, and then emerge the following spring and lay eggs.  Unfortunately, the marmies also overwinter in large numbers, which sometimes causes concerns from homeowners. 

  2. Author(s): Pierce Paul, Peter Thomison

    As corn harvest beings across the state, reports of stalk rot are coming in from some locations. Several factors may contribute to stalk rot, including extreme weather conditions, insects and diseases. Although it is often difficult to distinguish between stalk rots caused by these different factors, mid- to late-season northern corn leaf blight (NCLB) may have been the culprit this

  3. Author(s): R. L. Nielsen

    Among the top 10 most discussed (and cussed) topics at hometown cafes during harvest season is the test weight of the grain being reported from corn fields in the neighborhood. Test weight is measured in the U.S. in terms of pounds of grain per volumetric bushel. In practice, test weight measurements are based on the weight of grain that fills a quart container (32 qts to a bushel) that meets the specifications of the USDA-FGIS (GIPSA) for official inspection (Fig. 1).

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