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Soybean Aphid Prediction for 2015

Soybean Aphid on Overwintering Host Buckthorn.

Two observations on soybean aphids surprised us in 2014.  First is that we saw soybean aphids at all.  Since 2001-when soybean aphids were first detected in Ohio-we have had aphid outbreaks every other year (i.e. in odd numbered years).  But in 2014, soybean aphids could be easily found in most areas and, in a few fields, even reached economic threshold.  Part of the saving grace was that the aphids came on late, and most soybeans made it to R6 before aphids reached threshold.  Second is that aphids were not found in the typical northern sections of Ohio, but rather in the central part of the state.  While it is tough to say if this "officially" broke the every other year pattern, more important is what might happen next year.  Even without the 2014 observations, there would be a high likelihood of soybean aphids in 2015 based on the historical pattern.  In addition, we have started to see soybean aphids on buckthorn, their overwintering host (see figure).  It is still too early to know for sure, but it does seem to be setting up for soybean aphids to be present in 2015.  Over the next few weeks, we will re-check buckthorn trees for the presence of soybean aphid eggs as well as triple check them in the spring of 2015 to confirm successful overwintering and egg hatch.

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