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Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator Certification Update

The Ohio Department of Agriculture has begun issuing the new Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator Certification cards. Those who attended the September, 2014 educational programs in Archbold, Findlay and Paulding should have already or will soon receive a mailing with a certificate for those who already have a Pesticide Applicator License or a bill for the $30 fee if you did not have a Pesticide License. People attending other programs will be getting information over the next few weeks.

Certified Crop Advisors and Certified Livestock Managers are exempt from the education requirement but will need to obtain a certification by applying to the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  Those that would like obtain the certification can call the ODA at 614-728-6987 to have the form mailed to you.

Who needs a fertilizer certification? Fertilizer certification is required if you apply fertilizer to more than 50 acres of agricultural production grown primarily for sale. If you have the co-op or other custom applicator make your fertilizer applications, you do not need the certification.

Ohio State University Extension has a large number of meetings scheduled to meet the needed education criteria for the program. The meeting schedule can be found on-line at . Preregistration is requested to assure adequate space. Note that if you have a current Ohio Private or Commercial Pesticide Applicators license the training sessions are 2 hours in length. If you do not have a current Pesticide License the educational program you need is 3 hours. Below is a further description. Be sure to sign up for the right program to meet your needs.

If you DO have an Ohio Pesticide Applicator License, follow these steps:

1.       Attend a fertilizer certification training class for 2 hours offered in addition to your 3- hour pesticide recertification -- click here for available programs for private applicators.

2.       Complete and sign a fertilizer certification form at the end of the training class.

3.       You're done. Because you already have an Ohio private applicator license, there is no charge for the fertilizer certification. You will recertify your fertilizer certification every three years along with your pesticide license.

If you DO NOT have an Ohio Pesticide Applicator License, follow these steps:

1.       Attend an initial fertilizer certification training class for 3 hours.

2.       Complete and sign a fertilizer certification form at the end of the training class.

3.       You will receive an invoice for $30 from the Ohio Department of Agriculture for your license. You will need to recertify for fertilizer certification every three years.

If you have any questions on the Agricultural Fertilizer Applicators Certification program and whether you need this certification call the ODA at 614-728-6987. If you have any questions on the educational programs and where they are offered see the website , contact your local Ohio State University Extension Office  or call 614-292-4070.

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