Corn Newsletter : 2015-02

  1. Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator Certification Update

    The Ohio Department of Agriculture has begun issuing the new Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator Certification cards. Those who attended the September, 2014 educational programs in Archbold, Findlay and Paulding should have already or will soon receive a mailing with a certificate for those who already have a Pesticide Applicator License or a bill for the $30 fee if you did not have a Pesticide License. People attending other programs will be getting information over the next few weeks.

    Certified Crop Advisors and Certified Livestock Managers are exempt from the education requirement but will need to obtain a certification by applying to the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  Those that would like obtain the certification can call the ODA at 614-728-6987 to have the form mailed to you.

    Who needs a fertilizer certification? Fertilizer certification is required if you apply fertilizer to more than 50 acres of agricultural production grown primarily for sale. If you have the co-op or other custom applicator make your fertilizer applications, you do not need the certification.

    Ohio State University Extension has a large number of meetings scheduled to meet the needed education criteria for the program. The meeting schedule can be found on-line at . Preregistration is requested to assure adequate space. Note that if you have a current Ohio Private or Commercial Pesticide Applicators license the training sessions are 2 hours in length. If you do not have a current Pesticide License the educational program you need is 3 hours. Below is a further description. Be sure to sign up for the right program to meet your needs.

    If you DO have an Ohio Pesticide Applicator License, follow these steps:

    1.       Attend a fertilizer certification training class for 2 hours offered in addition to your 3- hour pesticide recertification -- click here for available programs for private applicators.

    2.       Complete and sign a fertilizer certification form at the end of the training class.

    3.       You're done. Because you already have an Ohio private applicator license, there is no charge for the fertilizer certification. You will recertify your fertilizer certification every three years along with your pesticide license.

    If you DO NOT have an Ohio Pesticide Applicator License, follow these steps:

    1.       Attend an initial fertilizer certification training class for 3 hours.

    2.       Complete and sign a fertilizer certification form at the end of the training class.

    3.       You will receive an invoice for $30 from the Ohio Department of Agriculture for your license. You will need to recertify for fertilizer certification every three years.

    If you have any questions on the Agricultural Fertilizer Applicators Certification program and whether you need this certification call the ODA at 614-728-6987. If you have any questions on the educational programs and where they are offered see the website , contact your local Ohio State University Extension Office  or call 614-292-4070.

  2. Next Corn, Soybean and Wheat Connection Webinar Program February 3

    Soybean Production will be the topic for the February 3rd program starting at 10:00-11:30 am. The topics presented will include Agronomic Practices to Maximize Soybean Yield with Dr. Laura Lindsey, Extension Specialist-Soybean and Small Grain Production, OSUE and Late Season Soybean Pest Issues with Dr. Andy Michel, Extension Specialist-Entomology, OSUE . To access the programs go to the link at 10 am and hit the button that says “Enter as Guest” and then type in your name and hit the button “Enter Room”.

    The first 2015 Corn, Soybean and Wheat Connection Webinar covered Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Using Precision Ag to Make Informed Decisions.  A recording of this program can be found at

    If you have questions on accessing or in follow-up to the presentations contact Greg LaBarge at

  3. Agronomic Crops Extension publications to help make plans for 2015

    We are just into January but well into our winter meeting season. Several requests have come up for publications we reference in our talks.

    The first is the Corn, Soybean, Wheat and Alfalfa Field Guide – newly updated and in a new larger format this year. The Field Guide is available on OSU Extension’s eStore for sale, or may be ordered from county Extension offices.

    ·         This link is to the store for the hard copy version:; the price is $12.50.

    ·          Quantity discounts are available for 50 or more. New for businesses on this version is a spot on the back cover to add your logo, a sticker or stamp your business address for customers.

    ·         Many use their droid or iPad in the field and there is a digital version available now too:, for $10.

    The 2015 Ohio, Indiana and Illinois Weed Control Guide is the second new publication that comes up in conversation. Just out late December this guide has all the latest updates on weed management. A multi-state crew of weed scientists now contribute to this publication – the official weed management resource for Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Authors: Mark M. Loux, Doug Doohan and Anthony F. Dobbels Department of Horticulture and Crop Science The Ohio State University, William G. Johnson, Bryan G. Young and Travis R. Legleiter Department of Botany and Plant Pathology Purdue University, Aaron Hager Department of Crop Sciences University of Illinois.

    ·         A simple pdf file of the 2015 Weed Control Guide is free, here:

    ·         For sale is the interactive pdf for $9.99:

    ·         Purchase a hard copy at OSU Extension County offices for $14.75.

    ·         The hard copy is also available for $14.75 from the OSU Extension eStore:

     The other two publications that have come up during our presentations about nutrient management or crop production practices are a couple of older ones:

     ·         The Ohio Agronomy Guide, for sale as a hard copy:, also available in the county offices.

      ·         Last is the “Tri-State Fertility Guide”, much discussed as we work through the fertilizer certification training this winter. Officially called the Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations for Corn, Soybean, Wheat and Alfalfa, this one is free, but only as a pdf:


    To see all of the publications we offer to agronomic crop producers, check out our AgCrops Publication page: - many are free; all are useful.

  4. Register Now for Ohio Forage and Grasslands Council Conference

    Author(s): Mark Sulc

    The Ohio Forages and Grasslands Council Annual Conference will be held February 6, 2015 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Ohio Department of Agriculture in Reynoldsburg, OH. The program focus is “Take the Next Step” in your forage management program. Details of the program and registration can be found at

    The featured speaker will be Dr. Ed Rayburn, Extension Specialist at West Virginia University, He will discuss pasture ecology and animal responses to grazing management, including rotational and “mob-stocking.” Dr. Rayburn will also discuss best management practices for plastic wrapped bales learned from on-farm research and experience.

    Do you know the ideal initial and residual grazing height of a pasture to maximize animal intake and live weight gains? Come and learn how to increase animal gains by optimizing the animal-plant interaction during grazing, which will be discussed by Dr. Anibal de Moraes, a professor of pasture ecology in southern Brazil. 

    Also featured on the program will be four producers who will talk about their own dairy, beef, sheep and commercial silage storage operations. They will share lessons learned on how to manage efficient forage-based operations. In addition, research results from integrating sheep into grain crop rotations will be discussed by Dr. Jeff McCutcheon, Extension Educator in Morrow county. 

    For more information contact Gary Wilson at or (419) 348-3500. A registration brochure or online registration can be found at

  5. Fulton Soybean College, February 17, 2015

    Author(s): Eric Richer, CCA

    Want to maximize your soybean production and profitability? Join OSU Extension in Fulton County Tuesday, February 17 from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. as we present a hands-on, intensive soybean management workshop for Ohio Crop Producers that will help you become a more profitable soybean producer. This workshop will be held at the Robert Fulton Agriculture Center, 8770 State Route 108, Wauseon, Ohio. The workshop will feature Dr. Laura Lindsey, Ohio State University Soybean/Wheat Extension Specialist; Dr. Andy Michel, Ohio State University, Field Crop Extension Entomologist; Dr. Steve Culman, Ohio State University’s Soil Fertility Specialist and Dr. Anne Dorrance, Ohio State University’s Field Crop Extension Pathologist. 

    Topics covered during this workshop include: Agronomic factors to maximize yield, Hands-on evaluation of soybean yield components, What’s “bugging” soybeans, identification of key insects, thresholds and insecticide timing, stink bugs – a bug that won’t go away, key soybean diseases for Ohio, pathogen biology, SCN, soybean fertility, genetic resistance, foliar fungicides, seed treatments, and hands-on identification of soybean pests and diseases. The Soybean College host is Eric Richer, OSUE Fulton, who will also share some of the local on farm research being done in Fulton County.

    In addition to the great presentations throughout the day, participants will receive a soybean management notebook. The notebook will include the following publications:

    • Management of White Mold
    • Soybean Cyst Nematode Management Guide
    • OSU Agronomy Guide
    • Profitable Soybean Disease Management Guide
    • Corn, Soybean, Wheat and Alfalfa Guide
    • Soybean Growth & Development Guide
    • 2015 Weed Control Guide

    Private PAT credits (3.5):  3 hrs. Cat. 1 (grain), ½ hr. Cat. 2 (forages)                                       

    Commercial Credits (3.5):  2 ½ hrs. 2A (ag pests), ½ hr. 2C (weeds), ½ hr. 2D (seed treatment)          

    CCA Credits (5):  1 hr. CM, 1 hr. NM, 3 hr. IPM

    Go to for more information and to download a registration form.  Pre-registration of $70 is due by February 10th.  After February 10th, registration is $100. Limited to 40 seats.  

  6. AgCrops Calendar for February 2015

    February is a big Extension meeting month. Please pick out the one you like and join us. For more details on the following programs check our calendar ( or call your local Extension office. 

    February 2 - Northeast Ohio Agronomy School

    Williamsfield Community Center in Williamsfield, Ohio

    This year’s workshop will focus on keeping crop producers on the front edge of farm policy, technology, weed control, disease management and fertility decisions. With profit margins decreasing it will be vital for crop producers to get the biggest bang from the dollars they invest in land rental, seed and fertilizer, technology, chemicals, and crop protection. Pre-registration is required by Monday, January 26, 2015. A registration flyer can be found at: or call 440-576-9008.

    February 3 - Software for Developing Nutrient Management Plans Workshop

    Ohio State University Extension-Huron County, 180 Milan Ave, Norwalk, OH

    For Certified Crop Advisers who would like to become a NRCS Certified Nutrient Management Plan Provider Planner or NRCS/SWCD personnel or others wanting to use MMP software. Contact Greg LaBarge at phone 419-460-0600.

    February 3 - Webinar-Soybean Production

    A series of 4 webinars will be made available in 2015 for Ohio Crop Farmers. This is the second program with the focus on Soybean Production with the topic of maximizing yields and managing soybean insect pest. The live presentation will be at 10:00-11:30 am at the link

    February 4 - Ohio Intensive Soybean Management Workshop

    Ohio State University Extension-Greene Co, 100 Fairground Rd. Xenia, OH 45385

    Join OSU Extension as we present a hands-on, intensive soybean management workshop for Ohio Crop Producers that will help you become a more profitable soybean producer. Contact Mary Griffith at phone 937 372-9971.

    February 5 - Northern Ohio Crops Day

    Old Zim's, 1375 N State Route 590, Gibsonburg, OH

    Northern Ohio Crops Day will be held at Ole Zim’s Wagon Shed, 1375 N. State Route 590, Gibsonburg, Ohio. Topics covered will include nutrient management, soybean pest management and other agronomy topics. Walk-ins welcome.

    February 17 - Conservation Tillage Breakfast

    Plaza Inn, 491 S Main St, Mt Victory, OH 43340

    The program will feature a dual presentation on Water Quality and a discussion on Best Management Practices in Nutrient Management. Contact Mark Badertscher at phone 419-674-2297.

    February 17 - Ohio Intensive Soybean Management Workshop

    Ohio State University Extension-Fulton County, 8770 St Rt 108, Wauseon, OH 43567

    Join OSU Extension as we present a hands-on, intensive soybean management workshop for Ohio Crop Producers that will help you become a more profitable soybean producer. Contact Eric Richer at phone 419-337-9210.

    February 17 - Webinar-Corn Production

    A series of 4 webinars will be made available in 2015 for Ohio Crop Farmers. This is the third program with the focus on Corn Production with the topic of agronomic systems and managing ear molds. The live presentation will be at 10:00-11:30 am at the link

    February 18 - Ohio Pesticide Commercial Applicator Recertification Conferences-Akron

    John S. Knight Center, Akron, Ohio

    Provides complete requirements for Ohio commercial pesticide recertification in one day. Speakers include Ohio State University Extension state specialists, field specialists, and researchers. Ohio Department of Agriculture personnel and key industry leaders are also on program. For more information see or phone (614) 292-4070.

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Andy Michel (State Specialist, Entomology)
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Jason Hartschuh, CCA (Crawford County)
Les Ober, CCA (Geauga County)
Mark Badertscher (Hardin County)
Mark Loux (State Specialist, Weed Science)
Mike Gastier, CCA (Huron County)
Nathan Douridas, CCA (Farm Science Review Farm Manager)
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