Corn Newsletter : 2016-08

  1. Author(s): Laura Lindsey, Peter Thomison

    This “spring,” the weather has gone from snow and 24 degrees to sunny and 80 degrees within one week. This unusual weather leaves many of us wondering what’s in store for the remainder of the growing season.

  2. Author(s): Jim Noel

    After a cold start to April the warm weather hit in a big way this last week. Temperatures now for Ohio are running 3-5 degrees below normal for April but will likely be down to a degree or two below normal by late this week for April as the warmth cancels out the early April cold. Also, since March first, temperatures are running 2-6 degrees above normal even with that early April cold stretch so this is going down as a WARM spring.

    Rainfall since April 1 is normal to an inch below normal.

  3. Field days are important learning tools
    Author(s): Greg LaBarge, CCA

    Currently 24 field days on a variety of topics are being planned by Agriculture and Natural Resource staff starting June 1 through the fall with locations throughout the state. A complete calendar of dates can be found at Full agendas are still being developed and you will want to check back for registration information along with other details about a month prior to the date.

  4. Author(s): Erdal Ozkan

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