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Fertilizer Applicator Certification Training Materials Available Online

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The number of individuals who have been trained for the Ohio Fertilizer Applicator Certification by Ohio State University Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources staff has reached 11,859 as of April 30, 2016. The ongoing training has generated a lot of positive response from farmers who attended. Requests have come in to make short review videos of key parts of the training available for review. The videos which range from 5 to 15 minutes in length have been posted to In addition to the videos, the website also has copies of the training manual and other materials that can be printed from the 2016 sessions.

These videos are provided as review materials for anyone interested in soil fertility information related to plant production, water quality impacts and have completed the necessary Ohio Department of Agriculture forms. To attain Fertilizer Applicator Certification you must attend a workshop where training is offered. To learn more about who needs certification, and trainings near you, visit the Ohio Nutrient Education website

The current video series covers the following topics:

1. Introduction: Fertilizer Applicator Certification Laws-- SB150 and SB1

2. Calculate 12 and 24-hour Precipitation Forecasts

3. Water Quality and Agriculture

4. Agriculture and Types of Water Quality Impairments

5. Why the Focus on Agriculture?

6. Edge of Field Studies

7. Soil Sampling

8. Soil Sampling and the Lab

9. Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations and Phosphorous Management

10. Training Exercise 1: Reading a Soil Test Result for Phosphorous

11. Training Exercise 2: Making a Fertilizer Recommendation

12. Water Quality and the Fate of Nitrogen

13. Determining the Nitrogen Rate and Timing for Ohio

14. Tools for predicting Crop Nitrogen Need

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