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2016 Ohio Corn Performance Test Results Now Available On-Line

Combine Harvesting Corn
Results from the 2016 Ohio Corn Performance Test are now available on line at:


The purpose of the Ohio Corn Performance Test (OCPT) is to evaluate corn hybrids for grain yield and other important agronomic characteristics. Results of the test can assist farmers in selecting hybrids best suited to their farming operations and production environments. Corn hybrids differ considerably in yield potential, standability, maturity, and other agronomic characteristics that affect profitable crop production. Hybrid selection should be based on proven performance from multiple test locations and years. Single and multi-year agronomic data is available for all sites and regions for 2016.

Yields varied across the state depending on the timing and duration of drought conditions. Averaged across hybrid entries in the early and full season tests, yields were 241 bu/A in the Southwestern/West Central/Central region, 195 bu/A in the Northwestern region, and 197 in the North Central/Northeastern region. Yields at individual test sites, averaged across hybrid entries in the early and full season tests, ranged from 163 bu/A at Wooster to 256 bu/A at Hebron. The Wooster, Hoytville and Van Wert test sites were especially dry in June and July and averaged lower yields than other test locations. The full season tests averaged consistently higher yields than the early tests. Moldy grain was observed in some hybrids at Hebron and Beloit. Moderate to high levels of gray leaf spot were evident in a few hybrids at Bucyrus and Beloit. Lodging was largely absent across sites except at S. Charleston where some hybrids lodged as a result of heavy rains and strong winds in late August.

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