Corn Newsletter : 2017-2

  1. Author(s): Greg LaBarge, CCA

    Cyanobacteria growth in the Western Lake Erie Basin (WLEB) has been a concern closely monitored over the past 10 years. The presence of cyanobacteria leads to a pea soup appearance of water that causes aesthetic concerns. Cyanobacteria also produce toxins which cause human health concerns, especially contact during recreational uses or at municipal water intakes. This article compares the 2016 bloom to years back to 2002, plus identifies target loadings for the WLEB

  2. Author(s): Rich Minyo, Bill Widdicombe, Peter Thomison, Allen Geyer

    In 2016, 47 corn silage hybrids representing 16 commercial brands were evaluated in a joint trial with Michigan State University (MSU). One Ohio location is combined with Michigan's two southern (Zone 1)

  3. Author(s): Steve Culman

    The topic of soil health has been receiving a great deal of attention lately and farmers are increasingly interested in understanding more about their soils. There are a number of labs that now offer some sort of soil health package, typically made up of tests that reflect biological, chemical and physical components of the soil. Some of these tests have been around for some time, while others are relatively new. But as a farmer, how do you make sense of all these new soil

  4. Author(s): Amanda Bennett

    The second in a series of four webinars available to producers, Certified Crop Advisors and industry will be offered on January 31, 2017 beginning at 7 p.m. The webinar will focus on how to assess growing conditions and their impact on ear rots, mycotoxins and malformation in corn. The session will be taught by Dr. Peter Thomison, State Corn Production Specialist, OSU Extension and Dr. Pierce Paul, State Corn and Wheat Disease Specialist, OSU Extension.

  5. Author(s): Sam Custer

    OSU Extension, Darke County will be hosting the 2017 Soybean College on Tuesday, February 7.  This will be a rare opportunity where The Ohio State University will have all of its state specialists working with soybeans at one meeting focusing on soybean production. This workshop will feature Dr. Laura Lindsey, Soybean/Wheat Extension Specialist; Dr. Kelley Tilmon, Field Crop Extension Entomologist; Dr. Mark Loux, Research and Extension Weed Science; Greg Labarge, Agronomic

  6. Author(s): Clifton Martin

    Join OSU Extension on March 9th as we present a hands-on, intensive soybean management workshop for Ohio Crop Producers that will help you become a more profitable soybean producer. This workshop will feature Dr. Laura Lindsey, Soybean/Wheat Extension Specialist; Dr. Kelley Tilmon Field Crop Extension Entomologist; Dr. Steve Culman, Soil Fertility Extension Specialist, and Dr. Anne Dorrance, Field Crop Extension Pathologist.

     In addition to the great presentations

  7. Author(s): Mark Badertscher

    Have you thought about planting cover crops or maybe experimented with some cereal rye but want to know more?  Maybe you have heard about how cover crops can improve soil health but need more information.  Plan on attending a workshop this winter that will explain the benefits of cover crops, which cover crops to plant

  8. Author(s): Mary Griffith

    Cover crops are a growing topic in the agriculture world.  Many farmers are already using cover crops to improve soil heath, increase organic matter, decrease erosion and help hold nutrients on their fields. If you are not using cover crops but are curious about their benefits please join us at the OSU Extension Office (5362 US HWY 42 Mt.

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