Western Bean Cutworm Monitoring Update for Week ending July 14, 2017

Participants:  Mark Badertscher, Lee Beers, Amanda Bennett, Bruce Clevenger, Sam Custer, Thomas Dehaas, Mike Gastier, Rory Lewandowski, David Marrison, Cecelia Lokai-Minnich, Sarah Noggle, Adrian Pekarcik, Eric Richer, Garth Ruff, John Schoenhals, Jeff Stachler, Curtis Young, Chris Zoller:

Western Bean Cutworm (WBCW) populations continue to increase across the majority of participating counties in Ohio. A total of 77 traps were monitored in 21 counties. Overall, 5208 WBCW adults were captured, almost double the amount of moths captured from the previous week (2751 WBCW moths). In addition, the average number of WBCW per trap increased from 37.2 last week, to 67.6 this week.

   Figure 1. Western bean cutworm (WBCW) trap counts within participating counties for week ending July 14. 2017. Number represents total WBCW / number of traps monitored in county.

   Figure 2. Average number of western bean cutworm adults captured in traps.


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