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Weather Update

  The wet period continued into July. Rainfall in Ohio the last 30-days has ranged from about 4-13 inches. This is 100-350% of normal. This will go down as one of the wetter periods on record in Ohio.

You can see the latest rainfall totals at the Ohio River Forecast Center Briefing Page at:

The other big news the last few weeks has been the high dew points and relative humidity in Ohio and surrounding areas. This has resulted in increase fungus risk at many days have seen mean relative humidity above 85%.

Week of July 25 outlook:

Temperatures will be near normal this week with near normal rainfall mostly contained in one event about Thursday. New fungus risk will relax some this week with lower dew point levels.

Temperatures - near normal -1F to +1F

Rainfall - about normal - 0.50 to 1.50 inches mostly late July 26 into July 27 heavy rain event coming

Relative Humidity - daily average 70-80% below 80-85% fungus threshold except 85-90% July 27

Week of July 31 outlook:
Temperatures will remain near normal next week with rainfall generally below normal. Fungus risk will not be as high as in recent weeks.
Temperatures - near normal -1F to +1F
Rainfall - below normal - 0.10-0.50 inches
Relative Humidity - daily average 70-80% below 80-85% fungus threshold

August Outlook:

Near normal temperatures and not as wet is what is expected for August.

Fall Harvest Outlook:

Confidence is high we will have above normal temperatures and delayed freeze risk this fall. Wetter than normal soil moisture will mean night time minimum temperatures will be held up some resulting in normal to 1 or 2 week delays in freezing temperatures. Confidence is low in the harvest rainfall outlook. It appears any drying from August into September could be replaced by wetness sometime in October and November.

The latest two week rainfall forecast from the NOAA/NWS/Ohio River Forecast Center can be seen i the attached graphic. Generally 2-2.5 inches are forecast on average in Ohio the next 14-16 days which is not far from normal.

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