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C.O.R.N. Newsletter: 2017-33

Crop Observation and Recommendation Network

C.O.R.N. Newsletter is a summary of crop observations, related information, and appropriate recommendations for Ohio crop producers and industry. C.O.R.N. Newsletter is produced by the Ohio State University Extension Agronomy Team, state specialists at The Ohio State University and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC). C.O.R.N. Newsletter questions are directed to Extension and OARDC state specialists and associates at Ohio State.

  1. Author(s): Jim Noel

    September ended warmer and drier across Ohio for the most part. But it was the tail of two months. The first half of September was 5-10 degrees below normal and the second half of the

  2. Author(s): Laura Lindsey

    Pre-harvest and harvest loss of grain can result in significant yield reductions. Pre-harvest pod shatter (breaking of pods resulting in soybeans on the ground) can occur when

  3. Author(s): Mark Loux

    Marestail control in wheat and some other weed stuff

  4. Author(s): Dee Jepsen

    As urban development expands into the rural countryside, so too does the need to practice safety on public roadways. During harvest season there is an increased traffic flow on rural

  5. Author(s): Glen Arnold, CCA, Sam Custer

    Several livestock producers have inquired about applying liquid dairy or swine manure

  6. Author(s): Kelley Tilmon, Andy Michel

    Kelley Tilmon and Andy Michel