West Central Ohio Weed Science Day

The continued use of glyphosate alone postemergence in Roundup Ready soybean and corn continues to select for glyphosate-resistant weeds. In West Central Ohio waterhemp and giant ragweed continue to increase in frequency in fields. The most concerning of these is waterhemp as it has a chance to become the number one weed problem in West Central Ohio and other parts of the state.

To help put a stop to waterhemp, Ohio State University Extension is hosting a program entitled: West Central Ohio Weed Science Day. This meeting will be held January 19, 2018 from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM at The Palazzo in Botkins (309 S. Main St.), Ohio.

Topics that will be presented include the Current Weed Situation, Weed Identification, Herbicide Site of Action, Biology and Management of Waterhemp, Dicamba soybean, management of non-GMO corn and soybean, and Management of giant ragweed and marestail.

Dr. Aaron Hager from the University of Illinois and Dr. Mark Loux will be the featured speakers of this program.

There is no cost for the program and lunch will be included. The meeting is being sponsored by several chemical manufacturers and retailers.

You will walk away from this meeting with a 2018 Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois Weed Control Guide and other weed management resources.

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Credits and CCA credits have been approved.

Register for this meeting before January 15, 2018 by calling 419-739-6580 or sending an e-mail to stachler.1@osu.edu.


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