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Agronomic Crops and YouTube

We know not everyone can attend our meetings so for many topics we produce videos or publish bulletins. Some are short and on the concerns of the day, others are for background on broader topics. The OSU Agronomic Crops Team has a Youtube channel where we place the videos:

One recent addition is from Ryan Haden and Jon Witter on setting up grid soil sampling and then developing a variable rate application map. It can be viewed at: This is nicely done, short at 15 minutes, and involves ATI students on our Wooster campus.

Team members post videos as well as the ones we have on our YouTube Channel.

While you are in the neighborhood of the AgCrops videos you can also check out our publications page:

  • One item of current interest is the FACT training manual -
    • There are two ways to become certified to apply fertilizer going forward. 1) attend on OSU 3-hour certification program, or 2) take the Fertilizer Applicator exam at the Ohio Department of Agriculture – it should be available by about February 1st I hear. The FACT manual is the training publication for that exam.
  • Also on this website is the 1995 Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendations publication. After four years of field work (2014-2017) to update this publication, looks like future recommendations will be fairly similar. For now this is still a good publication for phosphorus and potassium recommendations for corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa.

The new Ohio Agronomy Guide came out late last spring, here is a link to purchase:, or visit your local Extension office to pick one up.

Crop Observation and Recommendation Network

C.O.R.N. Newsletter is a summary of crop observations, related information, and appropriate recommendations for Ohio crop producers and industry. C.O.R.N. Newsletter is produced by the Ohio State University Extension Agronomy Team, state specialists at The Ohio State University and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC). C.O.R.N. Newsletter questions are directed to Extension and OARDC state specialists and associates at Ohio State.