Delayed Soybean Planting - A Yield Perspective

Across the state, soybean planting is still on-hold due to continued wet weather. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on recommendations for June-planted soybeans: You can also find recommendations for late-planted soybeans in the Ohio Agronomy Guide available to download as a pdf here: (click on the picture of the guide to download).

I think June-planted soybeans still have a great deal of yield potential; however, it will depend on how the rest of the year turns out. (Will there be water limitations during pod-setting and seed fill? Will we have an early frost?)








Figure 1. Effect of soybean planting date on soybean grain yield at the Western Agricultural Research Station (WARS) (Clark County) in 2013 and 2014 and the Northwest Agricultural Research Station (NWARS) (Wood County) in 2014.

In Clark County at the Western Agricultural Research Station (WARS), we have observed a 0.6 bu/acre/day reduction in soybean yield (see Figure 1). Soybeans planted on July 2, 2013 yielded close to 60 bu/acre and soybeans planted on July 1, 2014, yielded close to 50 bu/acre. Interestingly, in Wood County at the Northwest Agricultural Research Station (NWARS) in 2014, yield was just over 50 bu/acre regardless of planting date, which spanned from May 8 to June 18. I’ve summarized some of our other late-planted soybean yield data in the table below.

Planting date


Average yield


June 1, 2011 (performance trial)

Preble County


June 1, 2016 (relative maturity trial)

Clark County


June 3, 2011 (performance trial)

Mercer County


June 4, 2011 (performance trial)

Delaware County


June 4, 2017 (performance trial)

Sandusky County


June 5, 2011 (performance trial)

Erie County


June 6, 2017 (relative maturity trial)

Wood County


June 6, 2011 (performance trial)

Henry County


June 7, 2011 (performance trial)

Fayette County


June 7, 2011 (performance trial)

Mercer County


June 8, 2017 (relative maturity trial)

Clark County


June 9, 2016 (relative maturity trial)

Wayne County


June 9, 2017 (relative maturity trial)

Wayne County


June 13, 2016 (relative maturity trial)

Wood County


June 26, 2018 (double crop trial)

Clark County


June 29, 2018 (double crop trial)

Wayne County


June 29, 2017 (double crop trial)

Clark County


July 11, 2016 (double crop trial)

Clark County



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