Growing Season to Last Through September

Growing Season to Last Through September

There is good news as it appears we will not have an early freeze in Ohio in September.

Below normal temperatures will be with us to end August and possibly into the first half of September per the NOAA/Climate Prediction Center Week 2 early September temperatures, see attached image.

8-14 Day Temperature Forecast

Rainfall will likely be normal or above normal early this week but the trend will be normal to below normal to start September per the NOAA/Climate Prediction Center graphic attached.

8-14 Day Precipitation Forecast

Even though we will favor below normal temperatures into the first half of September we will see bursts of warm weather too.

The September outlook calls for below normal temperatures first half switching to above normal second half of the month. This will help support no early freeze. Rainfall will switch from below normal first half of September to above normal second half.


The probability of a freeze through September 10 from the North American Ensemble Model is 0%.

Chance of Frost

You can keep up with the two week freeze risk at:

You need to select the minimum temperature for 0C and push your end date 16 days into the future.

Looking further ahead, models continue to support a switch to wetter weather in harvest season. It is not clear whether that occurs in October or November, but like last year the timing could challenge later harvested crops. Since crops went in late, harvest season could become a challenge. We will update this as we get closer.


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