Average Fall Freeze Dates for Corn Considerations

Corn field

In last week’s C.O.R.N. newsletter, Peter Thomison provided useful information on tools available for switching corn hybrids (https://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/2019-15/more-switching-corn-hybrid-maturities). As Dr. Thomison points out, Dr. Bob Nielsen at Purdue University wrote an article describing the U2U Corn GDD Tool, available from the Midwest Regional Climate Center (https://mrcc.illinois.edu/U2U/gdd/), with caveats to keep in mind as one is making their decisions. Specifically, users are encouraged to modify their black layer GDDs within the tool in order to reflect a more accurate assessment of days to maturity.Figure 1. Median date of first fall freeze (32°F) for Ohio based on 1981-2010 conditions.

To aid in these decisions, we have provided two maps below showing the average median date of the first fall freeze (based on 1981-2010 conditions) for selected sites across Ohio. Figure 1 shows the median date based on 32°F and Figure 2 shows the median date based on 28°F. Figure 1 shows that most of Ohio experience the first 32°F date between October 11 and October 20, with a freeze occurring prior to this period for some locations (dark green circles). The average first date for 28°F occurrence in the fall is between November 1 and November 10 (Figure 2; brown circles), with many sites across West Central, Northwest, and East Central Ohio indicating dates as early as October 21.Figure 2. Median date of first fall freeze (28°F) for Ohio based on 1981-2010 conditions.

This and other important agricultural-related data may be found at the Midwest Regional Climate Center (https://mrcc.illinois.edu/cliwatch/special_topics/agriculture.html).


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