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The 2020 Certified Livestock Manager (CLM) training will be on Thursday February 27th and Friday February 28th at the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s (ODA) Reynoldsburg campus.

The first day of the training session will focus on core topics related to ODA rules, basic nutrient    management practices, manure application practices, and water quality.  The second day will focus on agricultural policy, livestock management, university research on nutrient movement from agricultural fields, and livestock economics.

A Certified Livestock Manager (CLM) certification is required for any of the following:

  1. For a Major Concentrated Animal Feeding Facility (MCAFF) with 10,000 or more cattle; 7,000 or more mature dairy cattle; 10,000 or more veal calves; 25,000 swine over 55 lbs. or 100,000 swine under 55 lbs.; 550,000 or more turkeys, or 820,000 laying hens with other than a liquid manure system. Other requirements for a CLM are in Section 903.07 of the Oho Revised Code and Rule 901:10-1-06 of the Ohio Administrative Code.
  2. For a person who is a livestock manure broker that buys, sells or land applies more than 4,500 dry tons per year or 25 million gallons of liquid manure, or its equivalent.
  3. For any person who is livestock manure applicator who land applies and transports more than 4,500 dry tons per year, or 25 million gallons of liquid manure, or its equivalent.

Registration for the 2020 ODA Certified Livestock Manager training is now open. You can find the registration form and training details on the ODA website by clicking this link:

In order to obtain or maintain the CLM certification, an individual is required to have at least 10 hours of training every three years. These training hours are called continuing education units (CEUs).

The Midwest Professional Nutrient Applicators Association (MPNAA), the association that represents the interests of Ohio manure applicators, will be having a meeting on Thursday February 27th at the end of ODA program. The group will then have their annual dinner at City BBQ in Reynoldsburg immediately afterwards. They are always open to new members.

For any questions related to registration, please contact Nancy Cunningham at 614-728-6356 or

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