Weather Potpourri: Hot and Tropical – Turning Cooler This Weekend

After a long period of cold spring temperatures, the last couple of weeks have generally been above average by a degree or two in southeast Ohio to more than four degrees above average in north-central and northeast Ohio. Precipitation has usually been light during this time as well (less than 2 inches) except in a few heavier pockets across southern and eastern Ohio (Figure 1). For more information on recent climate conditions, check out the Hydro-Climate Assessment from the State Climate Office of Ohio.

 Figure 1: Multi-sensor observed 7-day precipitation ending on June 8, 2020. Figure from the Midwestern Regional Climate Center (

Tropical Storm Cristobal came ashore in Louisiana Sunday night, and the remnants of this storm are moving northward into the central U.S. This storm will turn northeastward toward the Great Lakes on Tuesday. This will lead to a hot Tuesday across the region, with much of Ohio hitting the upper-80s to perhaps mid-90s. Scattered thunderstorms are possible in the west Tuesday afternoon and evening, with a better chance of scattered storms Tuesday night and Wednesday across the state. Weather will turn fair for Thursday through Sunday, maybe a passing shower over the weekend, as temperatures dip below average. Highs are expected to be in the 70s with lows in the upper-40s to low-50s. Overall, we are expecting light precipitation over the next seven days except in isolated locations where heavier storms occur on Wednesday (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Forecast precipitation for the next 7 days. Valid from 8 pm Monday June 8, 2020 through 8 pm Monday June 16, 2020. Figure from the Weather Prediction Center

The latest NOAA/NWS/Climate Prediction Center outlook for the 6-10 day period (June 14-18) shows a strong likelihood for below-average temperatures and below-average precipitation (Figure 3). Normal highs during the period should be in the upper-70s to low-80s (north to south), normal lows in the upper-50s to low-60s, with about 1.05-1.20 inches of rainfall per week. The 16-Day Rainfall Outlook from NOAA/NWS/Ohio River Forecast Center strongly supports below-average precipitation over the next couple of weeks.

Figure 3: Climate Prediction Center 6-10 Day Outlook valid for June 14-18, 2020 for left) temperatures and right) precipitation. Colors represent the probability of below, normal, or above normal conditions.

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