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Don’t Miss Greg Tylka’s Seminar on the Most Damaging Pathogen of Soybean

Dr. Greg Tylka, prestigious nematologist from Iowa State University, will visit the Department of Plant Pathology at Ohio State University and give a seminar titled:

“SCN-resistant soybean varieties: a cautionary tale of too much of a good thing and how ‘free’ sometimes has a cost”

The soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is the most damaging pathogen of soybean in North America. Resistant varieties have allowed farmers to produce soybeans profitably in SCN-infested fields for many years. But observations and experimental data indicate that the effectiveness of SCN management with commonly available resistant soybean varieties is diminishing. This seminar will include discussions of SCN management in the past and currently and will conclude with conjecture about what the future of SCN management may hold based on biological and economic factors.

The Department of Plant Pathology welcomes everyone to attend Dr. Greg Tylka’s seminar via Zoom.

REGISTER to attend Dr. Greg Tylka’s seminar on Monday March 07th 2022 at 1:00pm EST, using the following link:

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Don’t miss Dr. Greg Tylka’s seminar on the most damaging pathogen of soybean!

Check this video: SCN is North America’s most damaging soybean pathogen


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Dr. Greg Tylka is a Morrill Professor in the Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology at Iowa State University with extension and research responsibilities for management of plant-parasitic nematodes. The focus of Dr. Tylka's research program at Iowa State University is primarily the soybean cyst nematode (SCN), Heterodera glycines.



Current research includes study of SCN-resistant soybean varieties, effects of nematode-protectant seed treatments, and the effects of cover crops on SCN biology and management. He also serves as director of the Iowa Soybean Research Center at Iowa State University.


Dr. Tylka was born and raised in southwestern Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh. He attended California University of Pennsylvania, where he earned his bachelor's degree and master's degree in biology. He then attended the University of Georgia, where he earned his doctoral degree in plant pathology.

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