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Citizen Science for Great Lakes Cover Crops - Spring 2023 Recruitment

 Project Description: The Soil & Agroecosystems Lab at the University of Michigan is seeking farmers to participate in a citizen science study to understand variation in cover crop growth across different farming conditions. This research will help inform site-specific recommendations for improving cover crop performance in the Great Lakes. If you or someone you know is currently growing overwintering cover crops, please consider participating!

Participation involves completing two easy steps:

  1. A 15-minute online survey asking questions about soil conditions and management practices for your cover crop field.
  2. A short field assessment in early spring (~20-30 minutes per field) that requires taking a few photos and height measurements of your cover crops before they are terminated.

Participants will receive $50 per cover cropped field (for up to two fields) and a personalized cover crop performance report, including estimated cover crop biomass and management recommendations based on the findings of our study.

Eligibility: Fields located in MI, OH, IN, IL, WI, or MN that currently contain fall-planted,overwintering cover crops are eligible. We are especially interested in row crop fields.

For more information, watch this short video or visit the Blesh Lab website.

Please contact or complete this form if you would like to participate.


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