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Regional Updates: September 26 – October 2, 2023

Harvest is off to a slow start, but OSU Extension Educators and Specialists anticipate more progress to be made across the state this coming week. Current challenges include dry soil conditions and adult stink bug feeding on soybean. Keep reading below to read more about what end-of-season issues our Extension Educators and Specialists are seeing in the field and how harvest is fairing across the state.

Central & West Central Ohio
Grant Davis of Champaign County reports that most soybeans in Central & West Central Ohio have reached R8, with some still lingering at R7. Stink bugs are starting to make their presence known, but overall soybeans are still in good condition. Harvest has slowly started in the region and wheat has been planted in the southern portion of the area. Besides later planted corn, most fields have reached black layer and are in good condition. Corn harvest so far is still fairly wet, though the forecast shows ideal drying conditions in the days ahead.

Southwest Ohio
Ken Ford of Fayette County reports that soybeans have reached full maturity and harvest is beginning to ramp up over the past weekend. More progress is expected to be made this coming week for both soybean harvest and wheat planting in Southwest Ohio. Corn has mostly reached R6 with some fields still struggling to reach black layer. Very small pockets of corn were harvested for grain, and most acres harvested so far were to fulfill contracts. Southwest Ohio saw pockets of moisture this past Thursday, but no impact on field conditions were seen as the region continues to be extremely dry. The excessive dry conditions are a major concern as wheat planting begins, but growers are cautiously optimistic as wheat planted in 2022 also had delayed germination due to dry weather.

Northwest Ohio
Kyle Verhoff of Defiance County reports corn and soybean fields in the northwestern corner of the state are in good condition and are at or nearly at maturity. Harvest is beginning to take place, with earliest soybean yield reports ranging from 65 to 78 bu/ac. Fields affected by flooding and disease this spring have ranged in yield from 35-50 bu/ac in damaged areas to 70 bu/ac in undamaged areas. A few fields of silage and hay are still being harvested. Fields that are bare are seeing manure application and wheat or cover crops being planted.

Southeast Ohio
Dean Kreager of Licking County reports corn and soybean fields in Southeast Ohio are overall in good condition and early season weed issues in soybean fields appear to have been effectively controlled despite later than ideal weed control applications. Corn silage harvest is nearly complete and soybean harvest is just beginning in the region. Similar to the rest of the state, growers are facing very dry conditions.

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