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Battle for the Belt: Episode 32

Battle of Belt

Episode 32 of Battle for the Belt is now available:

In episode 32, we have a blooper reel for many of our videos from this growing season, communication is a process too. Additionally, we provide location updates.

Battle For the Belt Location Updates

At the Wooster location, planting date five for corn has not reached R6 yet in any of the hybrids. Something to note is that growing degree days have been reduced lately with the drop in temperatures. Planting dates one through three of soybeans are at R8 and will be ready to be harvested soon. Planting dates four and five needs more time for senescence and dry down.

The Western location began harvesting soybean. Planting dates one, two, and three, were harvested on Monday, October 9th. Yields reached 100 bushels/acre at this location (Go soybeans!). Planting date four is ready to harvest after the field dries down from the weekend showers. Planting date five for soybean is at R7. Corn harvest is on deck, after soybean harvest.

At the Northwest location, planting dates one through three soybeans are ready to harvest after the field dries down from recent rain. Planting dates four and five need more time to finish senescence. Planting dates four and five in corn still have green leaves and stalks and will need more time before being dry enough to harvest. With this cool wet weather, corn dry-down can range from 0.32 to 0.35% per day. When corn is at 25% moisture, about 45 GGDs are needed to dry down to 20% moisture. Custar Ohio received over an inch of rain this past weekend, so harvest will not resume for a couple of days.

To read more about Precipitation, Cool Weather, and Corn Dry Down,  click here.

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