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2024 Second Quarter Fertilizer Prices Across Ohio

Results from a quarterly survey of retail fertilizer prices in the state of Ohio revealed fertilizer prices were slightly lower than national averages reported by Progressive Farmer - DTN (Quinn, 2024). The survey was completed by 32 retailers, representing 19 counties, who do business in the state of Ohio. Respondents were asked to quote spot prices as of the first day of the quarter (April 1st) based on sale type indicated. This is part of a larger study conducted by OSU Extension to better understand local fertilizer prices, which began in December 2023.

In summary, survey participants reported the average price of all fertilizers was lower in Ohio compared to the national prices, except for DAP (18-46-0) at $785/ton in Ohio versus $780/ton nationally, (Quinn, 2024).

The chart below (Table 1.) is the summary of the survey responses. The responses (n) are the number of survey responses for each product. The minimum and maximum values reflect the minimum and maximum values reported in the survey. The average is the simple average of all survey responses for each product rounded to the nearest dollar. We recognize that many factors influence a company’s spot price for fertilizer including but not limited to availability, geography, volume, cost of freight, competition, regulation, etc.

Table 1. Second Quarter 2024 Ohio Fertilizer Prices


Responses (n)

Sale Type







Anhydrous ammonia 82-0-0


FOB Plant




UAN 28-0-0


Direct to Farm




Urea 46-0-0


FOB Plant




MAP 11-52-0


FOB Plant






FOB Plant




APP 10-34-0


Direct to Farm




Potash 0-0-60


FOB Plant




Ammonium Sulfate 21-0-0-24


FOB Plant




Ammonium Thio-Sulfate 12-0-0-26


FOB Plant




Poultry Litter


Delivered & applied, <25 miles




When compared to results from the previous quarter’s survey, prices for fertilizers saw a modest increase, with only anhydrous ammonia, MAP and potash showing a slight decrease. DAP and urea saw the most increase in price from the previous quarter with DAP up $50/ton and urea up $59/ton. This increase equates to an increase in price of 9% for both DAP and urea. Only ammonium thio-sulfate remained unchanged.

Quarter 2 survey data included nine responses to questions about poultry litter, delivered and applied within a 25-mile radius of the facility. Prices ranged from $45-72/ton with an average of $55/ton reported. If you are a retailer interested in participating in this study, please contact Amanda Bennett at


Bennett, A., Richer, E., & Schroeder, C. (2024). 2024 First Quarter Fertilizer Prices Across Ohio. Ohio Ag Manager Blog.

Quinn, R. 2024. DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends. DTN Progressive Farmer. Accessed online April 11, 2024 at

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