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Battle for the Belt: Season 2 Episode 6- May Weather Updates

Episode 6 of Battle for the Belt is now available:

In Episode 6, Dr. Aaron Wilson discusses weather for the week of May 6. Dr. Wilson also gives a weather update in an article titled “Spring 2024 Weather and Soil Conditions: Update 6” in this week’s issue of the CORN newsletter.

What’s happening in the field?

The Wooster location planted the second planting date on Friday, May 3rd. The field conditions have been favorable. Corn and soybean planted on April 22 have germinated and are beginning to emerge ( Corn and soybean at the Wooster location were not affected by frost.


Figure 1. Planting date one of soybeans (left) and corn (right) at the Western Location, one week after frost damage.

At the Western location both the corn and soybeans in planting date one (March 25) recovered from the frost during the week of April 22. There was minimal stand loss in the soybeans from the frost. For planting date one, corn is at the V2 growth stage and soybeans are at the VC growth stage. For planting date two, corn is at V1 growth stage and soybeans are at the VE stage. The Northwest location is waiting for suitable planting conditions.

Table 1. The planting date conditions for planting date two at the Wooster Campus, 2024.


Planting date

2-inch soil temperature
 (at planting)

Air Temperature

(at planting)

Wooster, Wayne County

May 3, 2024



Table 2. Weekly weather conditions for planting dates one and two at the Western location the Wooster Campus, with day of planting, soil, air temperature averages, and growing degree days (GDDS) from April 29 to May 5.




(April 29- May 5)

2-inch soil temperature
 (April 29- May 5)

Air Temperature

(April 29- May 5)

Planting date



Western, Clark County


Max: 72°F

Mean: 65°F

Minimum: 59°F

Max: 88°F

Mean: 69°F

Minimum: 49°F

March 25th

April 16th







Wooster, Wayne County




Max: 66°F

Mean: 62°F

Minimum: 57°F

Max: 83°F

Mean: 66°F

Minimum: 44°F


April 22nd

May 3rd



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