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Challenging Conditions for Ohio and the Eastern Corn and Soybean Region

The predictions from back in early spring are on track for this summer growing season.

Above-normal temperatures will persist right into autumn across Ohio. Rainfall will continue to be on the below-normal side into autumn. The driest period appears to be June, August, and September. While the eastern areas of the corn and soybean region are challenged with hot and drier weather, the western sections will not be as hot and somewhat wetter. In the last 30 days, it has turned drier in Ohio and nearby regions, The next weeks are projected to be mainly under 1 inch for Ohio except in isolated thunderstorm bands while very heavy rainfall is forecast in the upper Midwest (potentially over a half foot),, see attached image.

Weather Map

In the next month, we are projecting a hot week through June 23rd, followed by more normal temperatures the last week of June. However, for the first half of July, it looks like the hotter weather will return again. Rainfall overall into July is trending on the drier side. The one catch is often on the edge of the heat dome and where the corn and soybean crops are, we often get multiple storm complexes so areas especially in northern and eastern Ohio can get into a very heavy rain event where we can't predict it much more than several days ahead of time. Therefore, within the drier-than-normal conditions into July, there could be small bands that get very heavy rainfall.

We will see some days above 95 right into July, in bursts, which will stress crops, livestock, and humans. Going into autumn, with a rapid transition from El Nino to La Nina, we do not see any early freeze. In fact, temperatures are more likely to be well above normal into autumn. As dry conditions expand in Ohio, you can monitor the changes on a weekly basis, updated each Thursday at:

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