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The Big Data Confusion: Part 4 – Collection, Access, and Control

This week’s installment of “The Big Data Confusion” highlights “Collection, Access and Control”. According to the Privacy and Security Principles for Farm Data, “an ATP’s collection, access and use of farm data should be granted only with the affirmative and explicit consent of the farmer. This process will be by contract agreements, whether signed or digital.” This particular principle is a great follow-up from last week’s ownership discussion. Ownership designates control but also the responsibility to properly control and managed your data. Contract agreements related to data collection and services must be reviewed today with considerations around who you are providing consent and access to when hitting the “I accept” button or signing on the line. Reviewing contracts, data policies and terms & conditions is a must if data ownership and control are important. You need to understand who can have access to your data.

This principle leans heavily on education. Producers need to be educated on the contents of their contract agreements, a company’s data policy, and stated terms & conditions. When you as a farmer sign contracts (pen and ink or digital), clearly understand what they are consenting to within the contract. The important point is understand who, or what entity, has the right to collect, access and control farm data with these 3 components clearly spelled out in any contract agreement or terms & conditions.

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