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Do you operate an on-farm grain storage and handling system?

Ohio farmers are invited to participate in a statewide survey regarding their on-farm grain bin storage facilities. It doesn't matter if the bins are ‘owned’ or ‘managed’ by the producer; hazards exist on all types of bin systems regardless of ownership status. This study is to help us better understand the types of grain storage facilities in the state in relation to the safety and health practices at those facilities. The survey does not collect personal identifying information, making the answers anonymous.

Hazards associated with grain facilities can include: out-of-condition grain, organic dust, grain entrapment, equipment entanglement, fire, and explosion. These hazards are a contributing factor to the safety and health of the operator. Understanding the types of bins, types of drying systems, target moisture content of the grain, and personal protection factors will help us understand contributing safety hazards at the bin. The survey results will be used to develop training materials as well as design better engineering controls.

The project is being conducted by the OSU Agricultural Safety and Health program, and is funded by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. For additional questions about the study, please contact Dr. Dee Jepsen at 614-292-6008,, or the graduate research assistants, Yang Geng,

To take the survey, click this link:

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A safety-related incentive is offered to all survey participants for their time answering the questionnaire. 

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