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Total Precipitation
The weather pattern has become favorable for planting. In the short-term planting is favorable but it could become less favorable in the next 1-2 week again so it is worth taking advantage of the window.
As expected our weather pattern has changed to a much warmer one. This will persist for some time now. Temperatures for the rest of May will average +5F. This will allow May to go down as 0 to -1F for the month and it looks like the period of March to May will actually go down as +1 to +2F even with recent coolness.
Drying conditions will be excellent until Wedneday as relative humidity will be quite low until midweek. Humid conditions with dewpoints in the 60s will return Wednesday into the holiday weekend.
There will be a shift of the main rain focus to the western half of the corn and soybean belt over the next 2 weeks. Rainfall in the eastern sections will be close to normal. Normal is about an inch per week. Due to scattered thunderstorms starting Wednesday and on, rainfall will be quite variable. Rainfall through the rest of May will average 0.75 to 1.00 but will range from 0.25 to 2.00 inches. This is common in summer-time type patterns.
The outlook for June calls for temperatures +1 to +2F with rainfall 0 to +1 inches.
The outlook for July calls for temperatures 0 to +2F with rainfall -1 inch.
Outlook period                 Temperatures                    Rainfall
Rest of May                    +5F                                  0.25-2.00 (averaged 0.75-1.00) inches
June                               +1F to +2F                       0 to +1 inch
July                                0 to +2F                           -1 inch

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