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Summer-time weather pattern in full swing.

NAEFS 16-day Ensemble

The summer-time pattern is in full swing. Expect a warm week with threats of showers and thunderstorms to return for the middle of the week.

Temperatures this week will average 2-3F above normal. Rainfall will average 0.25 to 0.75 inches. Normal is near 1 inch.

For the week of June 20-27 the warmer than normal temperatures will persist. In fact the heat should intensify some the week of June 20-27. Temperatures will average 4-6F above normal. Rainfall will average 0.50 to 1.25 inches. Normal is near 1 inch.

The next two weeks can be summarized by warmer than normal, but we do not see extreme heat above 95F. We expect more night time lows above 65 than below 60 the next 2 weeks. Se expect more days (7-10) out of 14 with dew points above 60-70 than below. Rainfall will generally be at or below normal but most places should at least see some rain so no real extreme of no rain is expected the next two weeks. However, the main focus of rain the next 2 weeks will be in the western half of the corn and soybean region where 3-5 inches of rain will occur while only 0.50 to 1.50 in eastern areas. Normal across the region is about 2 inches. So expect wetter western corn and soybean belt and drier east.

As we talked about this spring, there is no change, all indications are a warmer and somewhat drier July for Ohio. The pattern of June that is warmer than normal and wetter western corn and soybean belt and drier in eastern areas (including Ohio) will last into July.

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