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August 21-August 28, 2017

Late-Season Scouting for Palmer Amaranth

Author: Mark Loux

Palmer amaranth has shown up in a few more places in Ohio this summer at a range of infestation levels, and waterhemp has also become more prevalent.

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Late Season Soybean Insects

Authors: Kelley Tilmon, Andy Michel


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Frogeye at R5 on Indeterminant Soybean - Not to Worry

Author: Anne Dorrance

I must admit that I am a bit surprised at how slow frogeye leaf spot, a foliar leaf spot of soybean, was to show up in fields this summer. Early indications were that it was going to get a good early start. But scouting of fields throughout the state – it was hard to find.

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Western Bean Cutworm Monitoring Update for Week Ending August 18, 2017

Authors: Amy Raudenbush, Andy Michel, Kelley Tilmon

We are nearing the end of WBCW trap monitoring in Ohio as trap counts continue to decrease across the state. A total of 71 traps were monitored in 23 counties. Overall, 138 WBCW adults were captured, with 11 counties reporting a “zero” for their trap count.

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Fertilizer Certification Training


September 30th is the deadline to receive your Fertilizer Certification. Anyone applying fertilizer to greater than 50 acres must obtain this certification, unless the crop will be feed to livestock or you are only applying start-up fertilizer with the planter.

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One Last Chance to get Fertilizer Certification in North Central Ohio

Author: Mike Gastier, CCA

The Erie Basin EERA of OSU Extension will offer Ohio Fertilizer Applicator Certification training at 1:30 pm on August 30, 2017 at Independent Ag located at 4341 Sandhill Rd in Bellevue, OH 44811. The store is visible from US Route 20 between Bellevue and Monroeville.

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Join Us for a Workshop: ROI of Digital Tools for Soybean Production

Authors: , John Fulton

The Ohio State Precision Ag Team will be hosting a free workshop for tech savvy soybean growers on Friday, September 8, 2017 from 9a-4p at Beck’s Hybrids in London, Ohio.

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August 23
Precision Ag Field Day (Hardin County)
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