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March 15-28, 2022
Editor: Eric Richer, CCA

Weather Update: March is a Time for Transition

Author: Aaron Wilson

Meteorological winter (Dec-Feb) has ended. Looking back, it was the 26th warmest and 16th wettest winter on record for Ohio since 1895. After a very warm December, January and February were a bit on the cool side.

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Preemergence mesotrione use in “mesotrione-tolerant” soybeans

Author: Mark Loux

Put this one in the “we’re usually the last to know” category.  Following an article in the last C.O.R.N.

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Applying MAP and DAP at Corn Sidedress

Author: Greg LaBarge, CPAg/CCA

One fertilization strategy is to apply a two-year rotation phosphorus need ahead of the corn crop.

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Ohio Farm Custom Rate Survey 2022 Responses - Last Call

Author: Barry Ward

The Ohio Farm Custom Rates Survey 2022 data collection has launched.

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Is Spring Wheat an Option for Ohio Farmers?

Author: Laura Lindsey

Is spring wheat an option for Ohio farmers? Yes, we can grow spring wheat in Ohio, but spring wheat yield will be significantly lower than winter wheat yield.

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Topdressing Wheat with Liquid Swine Manure

Author: Glen Arnold, CCA

Wheat fields are firming up across Ohio and topdressing with nitrogen fertilizer will soon start. Given the current fertilizer prices more livestock producers may be considering applying liquid swine manure as a top-dress for wheat.

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Collect Soil Samples for SCN in Spring

Author: Horacio Lopez-Nicora

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is a major soybean pathogen that continues to spread throughout Ohio. Commonly, yield reduction will take place with no visible symptoms. To know if the nematode is present in a field, soil sample for SCN testing must be properly collected.

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Reminder to Attend the Wheat Refresh and Field Walk

Author: Amanda Douridas, CCA

On March 30, we’ll walk a wheat field with Dr. Laura Lindsey who will show us how to evaluate the field coming out of winter and refresh growth staging the wheat. Growth staging is critical for nutrient and crop protection applications.

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March 30
The Northeast Ohio Agronomy Breakfast - Weekly Webinar Series
March 30
Wheat Refresh and Field Walk
April 19
Waste To Worth Conference April 19th to the 22nd (Lucas)
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