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July 19-25
Editor: Stephanie Karhoff, CCA

Soybean Progress and Pod Set Growth Stages

Author: Laura Lindsey

Currently, most soybean fields in Ohio are at the R3 growth stage, meaning there is a pod at least 3/16 inch long (but less than 3/4 inch long) at one of the four uppermost nodes on the main stem with a fully developed leaf.

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To Spray or Not to Spray…Foliar Products at R3

Authors: Laura Lindsey, Andy Michel, Horacio Lopez-Nicora

When should I spray a foliar fungicide?

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Ohio Farm Custom Rates 2022

Authors: Barry Ward, John Barker, Eric Richer, CCA

Farming is a complex business and many Ohio farmers utilize outside assistance for specific farm-related work. This option is appealing for tasks requiring specialized equipment or technical expertise.

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Scioto Watershed Whole Farm Conservation Event on August 16, 9:00am – 12:00pm

Author: Aaron Wilson


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Southwest Ohio Corn Growers & Fayette County Agronomy Field Day: Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

Author: Ken Ford

Fayette County will be the place to be on August 16th, 2022.

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Crop Water Use in Corn – What Do We Know?

Authors: Osler Ortez, Alexander Lindsey, Greg LaBarge, CPAg/CCA

When traveling across the state, many corn fields show well-developed tassels. Hopefully, closer field inspection also finds emerged silks that are needed to pollinate ovules on the developing ears (Figure 1).

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Lep Monitoring Update WBC Numbers on the Rise, Scouting Recommended

Authors: Bridger Cline, Amy Raudenbush, Suranga Basnagala , Kyle Akred, Jessi Raubenolt, Angela Arnold, Mark Badertscher, Frank Becker, Bruce Clevenger, CCA, Thomas deHaas, Nick Eckel, Allen Gahler, Kasey Goodchild, Don Hammersmith, Jason Hartschuh, CCA, Andrew Holden, Stephanie Karhoff, CCA, Ed Lentz, CCA, David Marrison, Clifton Martin, CCA, Jess McWatters, James Morris, Sarah Noggle, Richard Purdin, Eric Richer, CCA, Beth Scheckelhoff, Clint Schroeder, Mike Sunderman, Frank Thayer, Cindy Wallace, Curtis Young, CCA, Chris Zoller, Andy Michel, Kelley Tilmon

Western Bean Cutworm

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July 23
Using Annual Forages in your Pasture, Pasture Walk (Morrow)
July 26
Manure Science Review (Ohio)
July 27
Tri-State Precision Agriculture Conference
July 27
Agronomy 101 Field Day
August 4
Agriculture and Water Quality: How do TMDLs and Edge-of-Field Monitoring fit in?
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