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August 23-29
Editors: Jacci Smith, Kate Hornyak

Corn at Vegetative Stages in August, will it Make it Safely to Maturity?

Authors: Osler Ortez, Greg LaBarge, CPAg/CCA

Early wet conditions caused significant delays in planting dates across the state. Additional issues such as poor crop establishment also led to replanting in some areas.

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Herbicide Carryover to Fall Established Cover Crops

Author: Alyssa Essman

Establishment is one of the most important factors in the management of a cover crop for weed suppression. With later planting dates this year followed by a very dry June, conditions were right for herbicide carryover to be a concern for fall planted cover crops.

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Soybean Diseases are Showing up in Ohio

Authors: Horacio Lopez-Nicora, Stephanie Karhoff, CCA

In early August we recommended to start scouting fields for soybean diseases

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Preharvest Herbicide Treatments for Weed Desiccation

Author: Mark Loux

There are plenty of fields with late season weed problems this year.  Weeds that come through the crop canopy late may be small or spindly or sparse enough to be handled easily by a combine.  Other fields can benefit from a preharvest herbicide treatment to kill/diss

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Lep Monitoring Update: FAW Trapping Continues other Monitoring will Stop

Authors: Jessi Raubenolt, Amy Raudenbush, Suranga Basnagala , Kyle Akred, Frank Becker, Lee Beers, CCA, Thomas deHaas, Nick Eckel, Alan Leininger, Ed Lentz, CCA, Maggie Lewis, Clifton Martin, CCA, Jess McWatters, Les Ober, CCA, Richard Purdin, Eric Richer, CCA, Beth Scheckelhoff, Mike Sunderman, Frank Thayer, Cindy Wallace, Curtis Young, CCA, Chris Zoller, Andy Michel, Kelley Tilmon

Fall Armyworm

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Manure Nutrient Management Day in Crawford County

Author: Jason Hartschuh, CCA

Crawford Soil and Water Conservation District, in conjunction with Crawford-OSU Extension, will be hosting a Manure Nutrient Management Field Day on August 30. The event will be held at the Scott-Reinhard Seed’s Warehouse at 2030 State Route 4, just south of Bucyrus.

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2022 Precision Ag Day Prescriptive Tillage

Author: Grant Davis, CCA

Join Champaign and Madison County OSU Extension as we look at the potential for prescriptive tillage technology. This is the next step in sub-field management, with implements able to adjust on the fly while in operation.

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August 23
Ohio No-Till Field Day (Muskingum)
August 24
Farm Pesticide Disposal at Erie County
August 25
2022 Precision Ag Day: Prescriptive Tillage (Champaign)
August 25
2022 Agronomy Field Day (Morrow)
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Glen Arnold, CCA
Field Specialist, Manure Nutrient Management
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Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources
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State Specialist, Soybean and Small Grains
Horacio Lopez-Nicora
State Specialist, Soybean Pathology
Mark Loux
State Specialist, Weed Science
David Marrison
Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Tony Nye
Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Les Ober, CCA
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Osler Ortez
State Specialist, Corn & Emerging Crops
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State Specialist, Corn and Wheat Diseases
Richard Purdin
Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Eric Richer, CCA
Field Specialist, Farm Management
Beth Scheckelhoff
Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources
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State Specialist, Field Crop Entomology
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Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources

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