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Variety Selection

The Ohio Wheat Performance Test is conducted annually to measure yield and other agronomic characteristics important to producers. Information on wheat variety performance can be obtained in the annual Ohio Wheat Performance Test, Ohio State University Horticulture and Crop Science Department Series 228, available at County Extension offices or on the internet at:

The yield potential of currently available varieties is generally in excess of 150 bushels per acre. This yield is not approached, however, primarily because of a short grain fill period caused by high air temperatures in late June and early July which kill the crop. Select wheat varieties with high yield potential, high test weight, good winter hardiness, good straw strength and disease resistance. Information on variety performance should be obtained from multiple sources such as seed companies and university performance trials where multiple sites and years of testing are presented. Always plant more than one variety each year to reduce the risk of disease losses and to spread out harvest dates. Select varieties with resistance to Fusarium head blight (head scab), wheat spindle streak mosaic, powdery mildew, leaf rust, and Stagonospora leaf and glume blotch. However, since no variety is resistant to every disease, always select varieties with resistance
to the diseases most prevalent in your area of the state. Avoid varieties that are highly susceptible to head scab. In- formation on reaction of varieties to various diseases can be obtained from seed company dealers and the annual Ohio wheat performance test report (