On Farm Research Reports

The following projects were conducted on farms and research branch stations by Ohio State University Extension professionals and peer reviewed by two reviewers.
Year Title
2000 Ashtabula County Short-Season Corn Variety Test Plots Corn
2000 Fairfield, Licking, and Perry Counties–OSU Extension Commercial Corn Hybrid Side-by-Side Performance Trials Corn
2000 Apron Seed Treatment on Soybeans Soybean
2000 Adding Sulfur and Zinc to Starter Fertilizer for Corn Corn
2001 Yield and Quality Characteristics of Food-Type Soybeans Specialty Crops
2001 Twin Rows for Corn Production Corn
2001 Tillage System Plus Soybean Cover Crop Effect on Corn Production Following Wheat Corn
2001 The Effect of Seed Treatment on Yields and Population of No-Till Soybeans Soybean
2001 The Effect of Corn Herbicides on Weed Control Corn
2001 Soybean Tillage Soybean
2001 Soybean Seeding Rates in 30-Inch Rows Soybean
2001 Soybean Seed Treatment Comparison Soybean
2001 Soybean Phytophthora Seed Treatment Trial Soybean
2001 Soybean Inoculant Soybean
2001 Sidedress Nitrogen Effects on Corn Corn
2001 Seeding Rates for Roundup Ready Soybeans Soybean
2001 Planter Unit Repair and Calibration for Corn Corn
2001 N-Serve Effects on Corn Production and Soil Nitrogen Availability Corn
2001 Five-Year Comparisons of Soil Test pH, Phosphorus, and Potassium in a Grid Soil Test System
2001 Fairfield, Licking, and Perry Counties Commercial Corn Performance Trials Corn
2001 Effect of Row Width on Wheat Yield Modified Relay Intercropping
2001 Effect of Modified Relay Intercropping on Wheat Yield Modified Relay Intercropping
2001 Effect of Cobra Herbicide on Soybean Soybean
2001 Early Planting of No-Till Soybeans: Four-Year Summary Soybean
2001 Control of Canada Thistle in Corn Corn