On Farm Research Reports

The following projects were conducted on farms and research branch stations by Ohio State University Extension professionals and peer reviewed by two reviewers.
Year Title
2002 Relationship Between Seeding Rates and White Mold Development in Soybeans Soybean
2002 Preplant Residual Herbicide Study in Roundup Ready Soybeans Weeds
2002 Nontraditional Fertilization of Corn at Planting Corn
2002 Nitrogen Management Systems Using Urea-Ammonium Nitrate (28%) for Corn Corn
2002 Licking County Soybean Tests Soybean
2002 Evaluation of Tillage Systems Following Wheat for Field Corn Corn
2002 Evaluation of Tillage Systems Following Soybeans for Field Corn Corn
2002 Evaluation of Nitrogen Rate and Sulfur Topdress in Wheat Wheat
2002 Evaluation of Blue and Red Food-Grade Corns Specialty Crops
2002 Evaluation of Agrotain Urease Inhibitor with UAN Nitrogen Sidedress Applications in Field Corn Corn
2002 Effects of Varying Plant Populations on Agronomic Performance of Corn Hybrids Corn
2002 Effects of Time of Day of Glyphosate Applications on Weed Control Weeds
2002 Effects of Spring and Fall Treatments of Surface-Applied vs. Incorporated Liquid Dairy Manure on Corn Yields, Nutrient Utilization, and Residue Cover in a No-Till System Manure
2002 Effect of T-22 Biological Fungicide Treatment on Two Soil Management Systems Corn
2002 Effect of Soil Insecticide on Yields of First-Year Corn Corn
2002 Effect of Gaucho Seed Treatment on Corn Yield Corn
2002 East Central Ohio Corn Performance Corn
2002 Early and Late Planted Soybeans Soybean
2002 Deep Ripping for Corn Production Corn
2002 Corn Tillage System Comparison Corn
2002 Comparison of Strip-Tillage and Conventional Tillage in Corn Production Corn
2002 Comparing Sources, Rates, and Crop Rotation Effects on Corn Yield Response to Nitrogen on Lakebed Soils Corn
2002 Apron Maxx Seed Treatment Comparison for Soybeans Soybean
2014 Comparison of Swine Manure to UAN as a Spring Top-Dress Nitrogen Source on Wheat Yield Manure
2014 Effect of Boom Applied Dairy Manure as a Source of Supplemental Nitrogen at Side-dress for Corn Yield Manure