Harold Watters, CPAg/CCA

Harold Watters, CPAg/CCA
Field Specialist, Agronomic Systems
1100 S. Detroit St., Bellefontaine, OH 43311
937 604-2415
Crop Production; Corn & Soybean Weed Management; Nutrient Management

Associate Professor for Agricultural & Natural Resources

"Agronomy is an integrative science; integrating soils, crops and the environment." This educator is an agronomist. The area of specialization since completion of the Agronomy Master of Science degree has been in crop production practices education, data interpretation and field research. However, soil fertility, integrated pest management, crop production technology, water quality education, and even farm management are associated sub-specialties that are nearly inseparable from the crop production specialization.

This educator is a member and co-coordinator of the Agronomic Crops Team and participates in meetings with the Sustainable Ag Crops Team. As editor and contributor to the Crop Observation and Recommendation Network (CORN) newsletter, a web-based product of the Agronomic Crops Team, this educator provides timely crop production information to many crop producers and suppliers in the county, the state of Ohio and to a large number of producers in neighboring states.

This educator’s specialization, in the area of crop production practices, has lead to statewide, regional and national recognition with committee and board participation. These broad contacts bring an understanding of and quicker response to agronomic issues in the region.

Major Assignments

  • Regional/area crops specialist – 75% of time
    • Local and regional research and scouting programs aid local crop producers in reducing costs and increasing yields.
    • Research and educational programs are designed and delivered based upon needs and observations in western Ohio.
    • Personal continuing education needs are met by attending regional and national conferences as well as through frequent conversations with subject matter specialists in Ohio and surrounding states.
  • OSU Extension Agronomic Crops Team Co-Coordinator – 25% of time.
    • This educator meets with state specialists and other team members to plan, develop and present programs for agronomic needs.
    • The CORN newsletter is our number one product; 5% of my time goes to participation in the weekly conference calls, acting as the trainer for editors, and as a regular editor.
    • This educator places an emphasis on training crop advisors and extension educators to more broadly share university research. 

Past Positions 

  • Agronomist, Monsanto Corp., Agriculture Division, Ohio. St Louis, MO, USA. 
  • Senior Field Biologist, BASF Corp., Ohio. RTP, NC, USA. 
  • Product Development Agronomist, Calgene, Inc., Oils/North America-East. Davis, CA, USA. 
  • Market Development Agronomist, BASF Wyandotte Corp., Ohio. Parsippany, NJ, USA.


Crop Production - Corn & Soybeans
Weed Management 
Nutrient Management
Problem Diagnosis
Alternative Crops - Canola
Certified Crop Adviser Training
Ukraine Crop Production