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Jim Noel

Jim Noel
National Weather Service
1901 South State Route 134, Wilmington, OH 45177
Weather, Flooding, Climate impacts

Jim Noel is currently the Service Coordination Hydrologist at the NOAA/National Weather Service’s Ohio River Forecast Center (OHRFC). He started in the National Weather Service in 1992 and has been with the OHRFC since 1996 as a hydrologist.

His main areas of focus are in climate forecasting, climate variability, climate change and precipitation estimates and forecasting. He has taught climate variability and change seminars and rainfall forecasting seminars for NOAA and COMET.

He works closely with the agricultural and university industry to provide impact based decision support through climate and hydrologic information. He is a part of the agronomy team at Ohio State University and his articles can be seen in the Ohio State University CORN Newsletter at .

He works on precipitation estimates and impacts over the Great Lakes and North America. He sits on the International Coordinating Committee for Basic Hydrologic and Hydraulics for the Great Lakes. He works in close partnership with Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Midwest Climate Center at the University of Illinois. The new Bi-National Precipitation Estimate Tool is at

His B.S. degree in meteorology is from Northern Illinois University and additional studies in soil science, hydraulics and civil engineering are from Ohio State University.