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  1. Author(s): Alyssa Essman

    This article is written with the hopes that relaying some information about management in a dry pattern will bring on some rain. If that doesn’t work, below are some reminders and considerations for weed control in dry conditions.

    Issue: 2023-17
  2. Palmer amaranth seedhead

    Palmer amaranth has shown up in a few more places in Ohio this summer at a range of infestation levels, and waterhemp has also become more prevalent. Newly discovered Palmer infestations in some fields were too high to be remediated by walking fields and removing plants, although there is still some potential to mow down weeds and soybeans to prevent seed production and even bigger problems next year. Infestation level in a few other fields was low enough to allow removal of Palmer amaranth plants by a crew of concerned people.

    Issue: 2017-27
  3. An article in last week’s C.O.R.N.

    Issue: 2017-14
  4. Replanting a corn field due to weather-related stand problems usually involves killing the first planting, which otherwise really just turns into a weed.  A recent article by Dr. Aaron Hager in the U.

    Issue: 2017-13
  5. Palmer amaranth in soybeans

    When you finish every possible indoor task during this rainy spell, take a few minutes and check out our latest video on pigweed identification.  The video compares four aspects of pigweed biology that we use to differentiate between redroot pigweed, waterhemp, and Palmer amaranth – pubescence, petiole length, leaf shape, and inflorescence (seedhead) characteristics.  Find it at the OSU weed management website –  There are far worse ways to spend a few minutes.


    Issue: 2016-11


  1. 12/2020

    Ohio, Indiana and Illinois Weed Control Guide, Bulletin 789. Publication gives detailed guidance on weed control selections. Numerous tables by crop and application help producers select the best product option for their weed control situation. Hard copy and PDF available for purchase

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