Food-Grade Corn

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  1. Author(s): Peter Thomison , Author(s): Allen Geyer , Author(s): Bruce Clevenger, CCA

    What is “food grade” corn?

    Issue: 2016-40
  2. Author(s): Peter Thomison

    With this kernel anomaly, red streaks form on sides of kernels and extend over the crown. Streaked kernels are more common at ear tips, especially if the husks are loose and kernels exposed. Kernel red streak is sometimes attributed to ear molds or mycotoxins. However, the red streaking is actually caused by a toxin secreted during feeding by the wheat curl mite Eriophyes tulipae, the vector of the wheat streak mosaic virus. There is no evidence that consumption of corn exhibiting kernel red streak is harmful.

    Issue: 2016-38
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